Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Forget iTunes

Get Songbird
For the music lovers Songbird it's an amazing desktop media player since it's mash up with the web and allows us to discover and organize local musics or even remote links/sites. It's only on a beta version but it promises to be the iTunes killer application. On this release I'm missing an export feature or even an distributed place to place my playlists and bookmarks.

Download it and you won't regret it: | Songbird Media Player

Jabber Transports (or How to Connect Google Talk with Any IM)

Google Talk allows us to connect to others IM networks, but with a drawback, Google Talk doesn't include a place to configure transports (i.e. the ability to provide a username and password for the IM network of choice). So one has to install another Jabber client in order to configure that transports.
After that you can use Google Talk to talk to all of your IM network friends.

For more information see:
Jabber Transports (or How to Connect Google Talk with Any IM)

OpenSocial, Google's APIs for Social Applications

OpenSocial, Google's APIs for Social Applications: "Google will launch tomorrow OpenSocial"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Web 3.0 on the hype

WEB3.0 is on the hype now, what could we expect from it since the web2.0 doesn't have much more to dig. Some terms that we associate immediately with web 2.0 are "social networks", "Blogs", "Communities", "Collaborative", ... which are related with web applications like FaceBook, Hi5, Flickr and so on... Some of these web applications were the flame needed for the next generation of web applications that some ones are starting to call web3.0. Let's get into the point. For instance, in how many social networks are you connected today? ok, a few MySpace, Hi5, flickr, Linkedin,... This single question just gives us the opportunity to start thinking in several issues related with web3.0:
  1. Why shouldn't we have the same login in all of them?
  2. Why can't I share information between web applications?
  3. Why can't I choose what I want to share with my different kind of connections or relationships?
  4. How can I get related to other people that shares the same interests, taster or whatever.
  5. Couldn't be the web more intelligent?
  6. Why can´t I access all these applications and get instant access to their information from all of my devices, PC, MobilePhone, IPOD, EMAIL ...
These are some of the issues that are being on discussion and some enterprises are already investing on them, like MySpace that is trying to create a Social Graph where they want to create a global mapping of everybody and how they're related . Mark Zuckerberg the Founder of MySpace (just a kid) talked about this issue on Web 2.0 Summit.
For me this is the big challenge for web3.0, the Social Graph, since it aggregates several technologies, concepts, philosophies, mathematical models, artificial intelligence, Standards...
In parallel the there are other issues to solve that involves money and the figth for maintaining more active users in their web apps.

I'm curious for the coming years ore maybe months, and just like Fernando Pessoa would say: «I'm missing the future»

There will be much more to talk about web3.0 and a dissertation won't be enough, my contribute with this post is to put here just a flavour of it.